Messages on the move...

Messages on the move is the name I came up with for car decals that send positive a message.  It seems that everywhere you look there are negative messages on cars.  My "ex"... , or piss on..., or even swear words for the world (including kids) to read.  I have seen very little POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING messages on cars.  The amazing thing is  IF IT IS ON A CAR IT WILL BE READ!  Don't get me wrong, there are some positive things out there for example  the little boy or girl praying at the cross, or the fish (which is a symbol of Christianity).  The stick people families and of course the decals supporting your child's sport or school..  These are all nice but the options are limited.  I have designed some car decals that are meant to encourage the people around us, and/or point them to God. I also think this is a great tool to us in witnessing to others.  You can get a message to someone you might otherwise never talk to. My plan is to continue making "messages on the move" at least one new saying a week.  I will post my NEW car decal each week so if there is not something I already have designed that you like, keep checking back or let me know your thoughts and together we can design something.  Someday I hope to see more positive things around us to focus our attention toward, instead of the negative.  My web-site is a mess at the moment.  Many of the car decals are listed under wall words or quotes.  If you look at the size that will be a good indication of what it is.  Of course I can take anything and make it smaller to make it a car decal, so if you see something you like and you want it to be a decal just let me know.
My web-site should have it's new look and be organized correctly by the middle of October so please be sure to visit. click here to go to Applied Expressions.

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