In All Things Give Thanks

I try to be thankful for all things.  I know that God loves me... as he does you too.  I know he takes care of  me.  Below is a story that happened recently that gives an example of giving thanks to something that at the time does not seem like something to be thankful for.  Keep in mind I am NOT a writer!
My car was not accelerating properly at times, it was actually scary at times when I would pull out into traffic and my car did not respond right away.  So I took it into the shop to get it fixed.  They looked at it and determined it needed some standard up-grades to the transmission and the spark plugs cleaned.  So a few hundred dollars later my car was ready to get picked up.  My husband was driving my car back home, I was following him about half way home he called and asked if I saw anything dragging under the car.  I said "No, why" and he said  "there is a very loud noise like something is dragging"  We made it home and he lifted up the hood and could see nothing.  He called the mechanic and they wanted me to bring it back.  I got in the car and it sounded terrible.  Of course about 2/3 of the way there it stopped making the noise.  When I got there the mechanic wanted me to drive him around so he could hear to noise.  Of course after driving around 15 minutes we never heard it.  We were getting ready to pull into the shop and I asked if there was somewhere we could go that I could accelerate and get up to a higher speed.  He directed me to a freeway on-ramp that was up hill.  I stepped on it and it responded the same way it often did in the past.  Fortunately the "check engine" light came on and they were able to take it into the shop and hook it up to the computer.  They gave me a ride home while we waited to hear what was wrong with my car.  Here is the AMAZING part.  Apparently on our way home from the shop after our car "was fixed"  somehow a plastic bag got sucked up into the engine, hence the horrible noise and the smell that something was burning.  Because of that bag we brought our car back into the shop and they were able to find out what was really wrong.  It was something major that thankfully covered under our warranty which will be expiring in a few month. I am THANKFUL for the bag stuck in the engine.  Usually we do not see the positive results of a difficult time so quickly, but know that God takes care of us therefor we need to be thankful in the moment.  To view more positive messages for your home click here

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  1. This is a good story :) Thanks for sharing. Do you blog everyday? Tami Edwins-Salts ..... Its making me select an account to comment as...I'm new at this so have don't know what one I'm suppose to pick. I'll pick google account so hopefully you can read the comments?


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