Scripture Wall Lettering

At Applied Expressions we make all sorts of products.  Vinyl wall decor and lettering, signs, banners, t-shirts and sweatshirts, canvas printing etc... But my FAVORITE thing to do is to work with God's Word.  I love reading scripture verses and I love playing with the fonts to make it appealing to the eye so that it is not only a powerful message to read daily, but it actually looks nice in your home or office.... Much better than a sticky not plastered to your mirror :-)  This scripture was on my mind for a couple of days, you know one of those things that you can not get off your mind.  You wake up at 4:00 in the morning and you are thinking about it.  So I decided to turn it into "Wall Art".
Click on the facebook link above for more info.  If you like this or what a scripture verse that has been put on YOUR mind  put into vinyl wall lettering just send me a message at gittyjo@comcast.net  and I would LOVE to make it for you.  If you are not familiar with vinyl lettering it is very easy to install.  It sticks to any smooth surface and comes and 50+ colors.  I can make it any size color or shape you want.  It stays on very well, but when you are ready to take it off, just peel it off the wall with no damage to the wall. 

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